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10 Characters Meme

Snagged from werepuppyblack

Choose 10 characters and answer the questions that follow. No peeking until your list is done!

1. Caspian X (The Chronicles of Narnia)
2. Susan Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)
3. Lynda Day (Press Gang)
4. Cameron Bale (Summerand)
5. Maxxie Oliver (Skins)
6. Nikki Westerley (Summerland)
7. Sybil Vane (The Picture of Dorian Gray)
8. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)
9. Lucas Holden (Home and Away)
10. Hermione Grainger (Harry Potter)

Q: Cameron Bale, Lucas Holden & Hermione Grainger are at an arcade. What game do they choose to play, and who wins?
A: Well, Cam would be on one of the many dancing games, and he'd win, because he's played by Zac Efron and all..., whilst Hermione and Lucas would be to interested in writing, or reading to play any of the games.

Q: Make up an e-mail address for Nikki Westerley.
A: littleorphanedkansasgirl[at]playalyndanewspaper[dot]com

Q: If Elizabeth Bennet had an iPod, what kind of songs would you find on it?
A: A lot, and I mean a lot, of classical music.

Q. What would you do if Lucas Holden suddenly paid you a visit?
A: Pull out a DVD of To Kill a Mockingbird, because it's his favourite movie...

Q: Do you think Nikki Westerley and Cameron Bale are made for each other?
A: Of course (believe it or not, I picked the characters before looking at the questions...)

Q: Caspian X challenges Lynda Day to a no-holds-barred duel. Who will win and how?
A: Lynda would kick Caspian's ass! Caspian may have a sword, but Lynda's faced worse (stuck in an airtight vault, a fire that she may or may not have died in, ect...), and anyway, Donald Cooper had a gun when he held Lynda hostage, and look at what happened to him...

Q: Sybil Vane, Susan Pevensie and Caspian X order a pizza. What toppings does each one request and what do the others think of the choices?
A: Susan and Caspian would gave something very adventurous, whilst Sybil would have something plain and boring.

Q: What subject would Caspian X teach if he was a teacher/professor?
A: Astronomy, or fencing.

Q: Maxxie Oliver and Hermione Grainger go on their first date. Where would they go and what would they do?
A: They'd do nothing, because I'm pretty sure gay men don't go around dating young, female witches.

Q: Elizabeth Bennet sings karaoke and dedicates a song to Sybil Vane. What song do they dedicate and why?
A: Probably a song about strength and independence, like I Will Survive, which, honsestly makes no sense, because Sybil kills herself...

Q: How would Elizabeth Bennet court Nikki Westerley?
A: They'd go to libraries, and talk about the rights of women.

Q: In your list, who do you think is the perfect match for Lynda Day and why?
A: Elizabeth Bennet. She's the only one smart enough for Lynda. She's incredibly independent, witty andd speaks her mind. Very Lynda-like, if you ask me.

Q: Susan Pevensie has a dream where Hermione Grainger tells her to save Caspian X, who is facing certain doom. What would Susan do?
A: Susan would be hell bent on kicking ass and killing people with her bow and arrow. That's how strongly she feels about Caspian, IMHO.

Q: Elizabeth Bennet is dared by Cameron Bale to strip while pole dancing in front of Sybil Vane. Write a short dialogue about this.
A: I couldn't write a dialogue about that, Lizzy would just rant about how demeaning it would be (in a very witty, Jane Austen way), and then she'd attack Cameron in some way ...

Q: If you had a chance to rewrite Caspian X's life, how would you change it?
A: I would send him back to England with the Pevensies so he could live happily ever after with Susan, or Peter, or Edmund. (C.S. Lewis is turning in his grave as I type...)


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