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Every now and then a profile needs updating to keep current. I am an oldish teenager. I go to university. I am studying literature and journalism. I want to be a journalist because of the Moff. How sad.

I am currently obsessed with Doctor Who and the related Whoniverse. I adore Big Finish Productions, the 8th Doctor Adventures with Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith in particular. My Doctor is Eleven, but I adore them all, with a soft spot for old Six.

I love literature. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Emma are two of my favourites, and I intend to tackle both War & Peace and The Brothers Karamazov sometime this year. I kind of dislike Charlotte Brontë for the way she treated Anne's writing, but I adore Villette, so that kind of cancels it out.

I am a novice icon maker in Photoshop. I make nothing that special, I just do it to wind down after a stressful day.

Twitter. Yes, I tweet. I always said I wouldn't, but I was dragged in. I'm normally stating my adoration for various Who actors, making the occasional political statement, having marathons of television programs and being snarky about it, or just quoting anything and everything. I am Just_Symphonic, in case you wanted to see...

So, yeah. All you need to know, I guess.

Blimey. That was longer than I thought. So... tl;dr - I am a geek who likes Doctor Who. The End.

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